Business Introduction

Respond to user needs without being biased toward specific vendors
Challenge to new technologies

Since our founding, we have started with the development of business applications on major IT vendors’ general-purpose machines and have worked on technologies that meet user needs without being biased toward specific vendors.
Currently, in addition to the know-how and technologies we have accumulated, we are training engineers for cloud service platforms, low-code/no-code platforms, CRM packages, and other technologies to respond to the changing times. In addition to the know-how and technologies we have accumulated over the years, we are now training engineers in cloud service platforms, low and no code platforms, and CRM packages to keep up with the changing times!

Development Results

A wide range of industry sectors

We develop business applications for a wide range of industries based on the business knowledge and versatile skills we have cultivated over the years.
Based on the business knowledge and versatile skills that we have cultivated over the years, we develop business applications that are closely related to our clients’ business in a wide range of industries.
We bring together our individual knowledge and skills to achieve high performance as a team and lead the project to success.

Public and Public Service

  • Local government taxation system
  • E-procurement system
  • Biometric security
  • Library collection search system
  • Paperless system for application examination
  • Broadcast subscription fee management system
  • Trade Management EDI System
  • Electric power industry materials management system
  • Contract management system for the electric power industry
  • Accounting and cost management system for electric power industry

Finance and insurance

  • Non-life insurance policy management system
  • Insurance Health Management System
  • Insurance Sales Support Systems
  • CRM Systems for Financial Services
  • Securities Investment Management Systems for Financial Services
  • Foreign Exchange Systems for Financial Services


  • Production Management System for Automobile Parts Industry
  • Sales Management System for Automotive Industry
  • Quality Management System for Automotive Industry
  • Printing Industry Production Management System
  • Printing Financial Accounting Integration System
  • Printing Industry Quotation and Order Receiving Profit Integration System
  • Printing Sales Quotation Support System
  • Printing Process Management System
  • Automated Warehouse Management System for Printing Industry

Other service industry

  • Food Service Production Management System
  • Travel Agency Reservation System
  • Airframe management system for aviation industry
  • Airframe attitude control system for aviation industry
  • Web Training System for Publishing Industry
  • Schedule Management System
  • Temporary staffing company system
  • Transportation Delivery Tracking System
  • Transportation Vehicle Operation Management System
  • Retail P0S System
  • Department Store EC System
  • Education Membership Course Management System
  • Prepaid Card System for Hotel Industry
  • Front Desk Management System for Hotel Industry
  • Real Estate Customer Management System
  • Contract Management System for Real Estate Industry

History of Arches

Founded in 1981
Evidence of surviving in the rapidly advancing IT industry

Arch was founded in 1981 as a computer software development company and has been supporting our customers’ businesses for many years.
During that time, the industry has undergone remarkable changes, and computers have become an indispensable part of our social life. We hope that the value of Arch’s existence will become more and more useful as we pursue the ideal relationship between “people” and “computers”.

System Development Flow

Waterfall and Agile

Up until now, we have mainly focused on waterfall development, in which each process (requirements definition, design, development, testing, and release) is executed in order for all functions.
However, we are also working on agile development, which is becoming more mainstream and where each process is executed repeatedly in small cycles as a single functional unit.

Waterfall development
Agile development